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Please note that all transactions are subject to a $1.50 convenience fee. When registering for camp a minimum of two weeks payment will be due by May 4th. Payments not made by May 4th are subject to cancellation. Camp T-shirts will be made available on Friday June 1st at Parent Night from 6 7:30 at the Jessie Brock Community Center.

All new campers must have an up to date registration sheet on-file. This form will be sent out via email prior to parent night. Registration sheets must be submitted prior to the start of camp. Forms may be emailed to or dropped off at the Jessie Brock Community Center.

It is imperative that all campers are registered one at a time. Disruption of order will cause account to over discount and will result in rate change once registration has completed. Miscalculations will be adjusted internally and notification will be given upon change.

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